Suite Talk

Penthouse Suite - Fairmont San Francisco
San Francisco, California

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Simply Sumptuous

Spanning the entire eighth floor of the historic Main Building of Fairmont San Francisco, the Penthouse Suite offers 6,000 square feet of luxury. The suite features three large bedrooms, a living room with grand piano, a formal dining room seating up to 60 people, a kitchen, a two-story circular library crowned by a rotunda where a celestial map is rendered in gold leaf against a sapphire sky, a billiard room covered in Persian tile from floor to vaulted ceiling, and an expansive terrace with sweeping views of San Francisco.  A secret passageway concealed behind bookshelves on the library’s second floor lends a sense of intrigue to the fabled suite.    

From royalty to rock stars, the world’s elite have called the Penthouse Suite home. As the home-away-from-home for U.S. Presidents and world leaders, the suite has witnessed history-changing events and served as the meeting place for leaders as they prepared to draft the United Nations Charter at  Fairmont San Francisco in 1945. Today, the Penthouse Suite offers
one-of-a-kind accommodations for today’s most discerning traveler as well as the ultimate venue for important events, including extraordinary weddings.  

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What is the typical day in the life of a suite? The Fairmont San Francisco Penthouse Suite has lived an active, jet-setting life, welcoming countless VIP guests ranging from rock stars to royalty for more than 80 years, and no two days in this exclusive suite are alike. It takes several staff members from departments throughout the hotel to ensure that this crown jewel atop Nob Hill and the guests it hosts, are well taken care of.

One evening, the suite might host a VIP enjoying a relaxing family visit to the City, and the next an intimate wedding or a film shoot. However, a typical day in the famed Penthouse Suite begins with the hotel team doing an initial assessment of how I’m looking. Different departments come in to ensure I’m set appropriately, whether it’s the banquets team removing reception tables or PSAV taking down the dancefloor and TV screens from that fabulous soiree last night. The housekeeping team is then sent up, with as many as three housekeepers at a time working in the suite.  The engineering team pops in as well to ensure everything is in working order and a houseman cleans my world-famous balcony, which features a stunning view of the City skyline. Once the housekeeping team has finished their work, an inspectress arrives to check the room and make sure it is looking great. She knows every nook and cranny–along with all of my stories! Finally, a housekeeping manager comes through to give one final check to make sure I’m at the top of my game to welcome visitors!

What was your favorite feedback or comment received from past guests? Guests consistently note that despite my grandeur and historic hipness, I am a warm, welcoming “home-away-from home” and relaxingly residential accommodation. Following a tour of the suite upon his arrival, a famous actor called me “simply sumptuous” (why thank you!), stating that despite his extensive travels and luxury suite experience, he had not seen my equal.   

Many guests fortunate enough to stay with me have also been able to “see it all” when it comes to top luxury offering around the world, but they love to tell me that I am a one-of-a-kind and perfect mix of classic-meets-contemporary. The consistent feedback is that guests can enjoy beautiful suites and homes all over the world, but no amount of money can recreate the unique history I have experienced.  I provide a romantic glimpse into the past with the comforts of modern accommodations. 

Is there a famous name, a particular street or monument that you most identify with? What inspired your style? The iconic Tony Bennett is one of Fairmont San Francisco’s most famous and celebrated guests.  He first performed “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in our Venetian Room, just 7 floors below me in the Main Building.  I have been lucky enough to host events honoring him, including when the City of San Francisco installed a bronze statue of his likeness in front of Fairmont San Francisco in 2016! Each evening, I hear “little cable cars climb halfway to the stars” on Powell and California Street below and think of my friend Tony and how lucky I am to be atop Nob Hill in this amazing city!  

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